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quaesta's Journal

17 July
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Nor do we have any notion of honor, as bears do, for instance. An insult to a bear is a deadly thing. To us...inconceivable. How could you insult a witch? What would it matter if you did?
—Philip Pullman

abnormal psychology, altered states of reality, american beauty, androgyny, angst, antisocial, apathy, aspecting, avoidance, balance, bdsm, beauty, bells, black heart of innocence, blue god, body image, body modification, boots, breasts, bubble baths, butch girls, butches, candles, cats, chakras, chaos, confusion, cuddling, cute chicks, cutting, dancing, darkness, depression, details, doc martens, dolphins, dykes, dykes on bikes, egyptian gods and goddesses, energy, energy work, erotica, faeries, fairies, fairy tales, feeling alive, feri, feri tradition, fire dancing, freaks, free time, gender, girls, girls who swagger, glitter, goddess, goth chicks, grace, hair dye, healing, hugs, huna, identity, individuality, infinity, insecurity, integration, intelligence, intensity, introspection, irony, ishtar, kali, latex, laziness, learning, leather, lesbian, lesbians, logic, long philosophical discussions, magic, martial arts, math, meditation, mermaids, metaphysics, miria, mirrors, mountains, mythology, nipples, numerology, open-mindedness, pagan, pagans, passion, philosophy, piercings, polyamory, procrastination, psychology, purple, queer theory, rage, rainbows, rambling, reading, reality, reclaiming, reiki, relationship theory, roses, sacred and profane, sacred space, san francisco, sarcasm, self, self-actualization, self-identity, sensuality, sex, sexuality, shamanism, shamans, sleeping, smart people, snow, social psychology, solitaire, solitude, spiritual warrior, spirituality, star goddess, starhawk, strong women, superstition, surrealism, swaggering, symbolic logic, tarot, tattoos, the desert, transformation, vinyl, vision quests, warmth, wind, witches, women